Spiderman’s Lair

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Spiderman's Lair

Spiderman's Lair

This Red and Scary Blue Castle can be Spiderman's Lair or Superman's Cave. It might even serve as Batman's Hide Out. Either way, what you have is a behemoth that is nearly 500 pounds of creepy-castle fun! Jump with a Spiderman Bounce in the secret lair of a Superhero! Find the tunnel and climb to the top for a Spider-Slide! Only for Super Heroes and Heroines! Because of the enormous weight of this attraction, it is NOT RECOMMENDED for bouncers over the age of 10 or for large groups. 6-8 bouncers at a time is the recommendation.

FOOTPRINT= 17'L x 17'D x 15'H

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Circuits needed: 2
Item Dimensions: 17'L x 17'W
Space Needed: 20' x 20'