Honey Pot Bear House

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Honey Pot Bear House

Honey Pot Bear House

15' x 15' Honey Pot Bear Bounce. Winnie The Pooh has his paw caught in the honey pot again! This economy bouncer is a honey of a deal! Everyone loves the classic Winnie The Pooh! He just can't resist keeping his paws out of that Honey Pot, and this time you caught him. Christopher Robbin will keep an eye on Pooh Bear who will stand guard perched high atop your bounce for the day. The roof is solid making it a great choice in hot sun or a rainy day! This piece does NOT qualtify for the LCD. POWER: 1 ATTENDANTS: 1 DIMENSIONS: L: 13ft W:13ft H: 17ft

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Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 15' x 15'x15
Space Needed: 15' x 15'