Sports Bouncer 0514HEC11360

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Sports Bouncer 0514HEC11360

Sports Bouncer 0514HEC11360

This Sports Bouncer is new in 2015 and rents as an economy bouncer. Large enough for adults, this sports arena features a hoop inside for hours of fun bouncing and shooting for young and old. As with all of our economy bouncers, it is designed for backyard fun and is not large enough to handle groups of more than 10-12 children, depending on age and size. The roof is perforated to filter sunlight and keep the bounce cool in hot sun, but may allow dripping in a rain. As an economy bouncer, it is already discounted and is not eligible for the LCD. POWER: 1 ATTENDANTS: 1 DIMENSIONS: L:15ft W:14ft H: 13ft

SN 0514HEC11360

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Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 17hx14wx13l
Space Needed: 20x17x14