Joust Arena BA

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Joust Arena BA

Joust Arena BA

In this 2-person Joust Arena. Contestants battle for the right to stay on the block. Although this is a fun and cost effective way to enjoy the Joust, please check on the Gladiator Extreme Attraction. Jousting is just one of the activities the crew can enjoy on the Gladiator, but if simple and fun jousting is what you want then the Joust Arena can fill the bill. (Comes with head Gear although the jousting poles are soft and cushioned so there is no chance that a player can be harmed in the contest). The object to win is to knock your opponent off the pedestal before you fall. And the crowds will gather to wait their turn to be ''King of the Hill''!

Footprint: 15'L x 10'W

Government inspected: 5/5/2018


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Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 12x3x22
Space Needed: 15x8x25