Let it Snow


Let It Snow

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Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Imagine a magical snowfall so real that you can transform any space into a living snowfall, indoors or out. From light flurries to a raging blizzard, snow falls on cue and then disappears like magic. BRING OUR SNOW TO YOUR NEXT EVENT AND HAVE EVERYONE IN A WINTER WONDERLAND

Our artificial snow machines produce a flurry of snow just like the real thing, except it evaporates so there is no mess or residue to clean up. Pharmaceutical grade and FDA approved, in an entertainment world that requires snow, from a light snowfall to an abundant flurry, indoors or out, our Antari S-500 Snow Machine will bring snow to your event whatever the weather. The Antari S-500 is a robust, high pressure, large output snow machine that produces abundant amounts of snow that are capable of blowing considerable distances. Perfect for creating just the right mood in school gymnasiums, theatres, or for your special effects venue!

Antari S-500 Snow Machine - 1,200 Watts, Extendable Nozzle, Travel Case with 20L Tank

The new Antari S-500™ is a large capacity “Silent” operation DMX controllable snow machine.
Nozzle is truss mountable while control and fluid remain conveniently on the floor.

Output : 400 ml / min.
Tank Capacity: 20 Liter
DMX: On board

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Circuits needed: 1
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Space Needed: