Dunk Tank Let Freedom Ring

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Dunk Tank Let Freedom Ring

Dunk Tank Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring is our Patriotic salute to America! This Stars & Stripes 500 gallon tank is an all-time favorite in bright red colors. A company may offer dunk tanks AT A LOWER PRICE, but no company offers a more colorful or better conditioned dunk tank. Image is important, so don't settle for one in poor condition. Unsanitary and unclean tanks are NOT safe, and there are some out there that you can tell that they are NOT what you want to swim in! Our tanks are clean and sanitized, so DON'T COMPROMISE SAFETY BECAUSE ONE MAY BE CHEAPER!

Professional Grade Scuba Wet Suits are available for a small additional $44 charge to keep the dunked adult participant warmer and more comfortable in chilly conditions. These are professional grade suits.

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Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions: 10x7x8
Space Needed: 12x12x12